Vacuum kiln

HIGH VAC® Vacuum kiln

Hildebrand-Brunner high_vac_s_02 Vacuum kiln

With vacuum you dry your valuable lumber fast in dry, superheated steam:

  • in the HIGH VAC® the boiling point of water is reduced from 100°C to approx. 40 to 60°C
  • gently and, even so, much faster than conventional kilns!
  • increased moisture movement in the lumber
  • moisture removal through condensation instead of venting
  • less installation area required
  • high flexibility and quick responsiveness
  • lower power consumption than conventional kilns
  • special bright drying without oxidation and discolorization
  • Vacuum pump without water consumption

However, if you want to bring your vacuum drying and your wood quality to the limits of the optimum, look at our HIGH VAC MASTER.
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BRUNNER Automatic control systems distinguish themselves as top of the class for modern lumber drying and energy management in persuasive detail. At a time when fast, efficient, quality drying is demanded, we reach this goal by state of the art technology and convincing know-how.

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