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HILDEBRAND-BRUNNER is the original! For more than 60 years, we have been bringing our innovations and technicial experience to your drying chambers. Reversible airflow, computer-based dryers, variable speed drives on kiln fans, High Vac, Greenkilns®, Hildebrand Turbo Technology® - just a few examples of our pioneering performance. Today, and for your future, we continue the success of this cutting-edge technology.


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The most commonly used dry kiln in the lumber industry, the HTR100.

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The HIGH VAC® will dry your lumber faster in overheated, dry steam.

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We help to achieve the most demanding climatic conditions more easily. Less CO² - more for the environment.

Hildebrand Holztechnik GmbH, the leading producer of fresh air / dryer dryers and vacuum dryers, is growing by 50% at the company Kronseder Trockentechnik ...

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Due to long experience, we stock most spare parts for fast service.

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