Hildebrand-Brunner high_vac_s_02 HIGH VAC Master EN

A useful option in our proven  vacuum Kilns HIGH VAC MASTER  acchieved by  HIGH - STEAM - PULSATION / DRYING + REVERSING by

  • Magic Point / steam plastification
  • steam pulsation, steam short injections
  • Pressure - change - climate

Safe heat up of the lumber with direct steam.

Critical drying of lumber species without and risk and of honey comb, even at 70 - 95 ° C with targeted steam injections (pulsation) - the steam stretches the wood fibers.

Steam pulsation process means constant alternation between saturated steam and superheated steam with Extra-conditioning,  (Breaks) resting, Reconditioning - ideal for fast and stress-free lumber drying.

The changing steam atmosphere (pulsation) will result in a gentle steam drying / steam garnish at the "Magic Point" (temperature range with plastification) with a very short drying time. No annoying microcracks.


  • Fast, safe drying
  • High dimensional stability
  • Lower shrinkage
  • More uniform final moisture content
  • Finished end product