High temperature kiln

An advantage of the high temperature drying is the shortening of the drying time. High temperature Kilns are mainly used for the drying process of pallets,studs and scaffel boards.
The heating of high temperature kilns is done with high-pressure steam or Thermooil. The kiln has a special insulation and is also available as completely welded sealed unit.

Standard-high temperature dry kilns operate with temperatures in the range of 100-130°C (210-250°F). However, to dry fast growing species of softwoods from e.g. Australia, New Zealand, South America, South Africa special high temperature kilns with operating temperatures up to 240°C are also used. Such kilns are completely produced of high-grade steel. Especially heavy duty electrical motors outside the kiln provide the power for the fans for high air velocity speeds up to 9 m / sec (1600 Ft/min).

Hildebrand-Brunner htk01 High temperature kiln
Hildebrand-Brunner htk02 High temperature kiln

A special type of the high temperature kiln is the hot steam kiln. The hot steam kiln will operate above 100°C (Range:102-110°C/215 -230°F) but will dry in super heated steam. Hot steam kilns use heavy duty moistening devices  (cold water spray and steam spray), to reach the required high humidity for the heatup stage.

Our high temperature dryers are available with different door variations.
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