Our Products

According to your individual needs for the kiln drying applications we offer kilns and heat treatment chambers in all capacities and versions with proven HILDEBRAND quality.

Beside lumber drying we supply Kilns for Special Applications for the treatment and / or drying of various other materials. If you need to handle a special material (tempering and/or drying), Contact us. We will surely together find the most economical solution.


Our products offer more and more safety and quality. They are environmentally friendly and deliver maximum performance. Our drive for improvement combined with decades of experience is obvious in our conventional lumber dry kilns.   Hildebrand-Brunner pfeil Our Products


We already offer this interesting variation of timber drying since more than 40 Years. Grundsätzlich kann man bei den Kanaltrocknern zwischen den Längsbelüfteten (1975 England) und den Querbelüfteten (1985 Deutschland) unterscheiden.   Hildebrand-Brunner pfeil Our Products


This type of kiln is designed for stacking packages of 2 x 1.5 m width and 2 x 1.5 m height at any length. Particularly low-cost through serial production and low operating costs. Hildebrand-Brunner pfeil Our Products


Detailed information about our predryer models in the sub-heading Predryer.


According to the operational requirements our kilns are available both as forklift loaded package kilns and kiln cart loaded track kilns. Our experts will work with you on the most economical solution for your requirements.  Hildebrand-Brunner pfeil Our Products


Flexibility is the hallmark of HILDEBRAND. Please find here the selections of our different door design options.   Hildebrand-Brunner pfeil Our Products

Control Systems

No matter what type of kiln you select, the right choice of the computer control system ensures optimum drying results, efficiency and safety of the drying process and optimal work sequences.  Hildebrand-Brunner pfeil Our Products

Heattreatment Kilns

According to your individual requirements for drying, we can supply kilns for heattreatment and drying in all sizes and designs in the proven HILDEBRAND quality. Hildebrand-Brunner pfeil Our Products

Steaming / special kilns

See our steam and special kilns and let us convince you of their advantages.   Hildebrand-Brunner pfeil Our Products

You find detailed information on the scope of supply and variations of the conventional lumber dry kilns from HILDEBRAND-BRUNNER under the following links or you can download our brochures.

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