Our Innovation

In Germany there are 5000, worldwide our beautiful timber is seasoned down to final moisture content in 150.000 timber dry kilns.
And almost only in conventional timber dry kilns.

The perfect and economical alternative - for self installation (for the time beeing only for trolley loading).
Kilns in modular standard types from the market leader in high capacity aluminum dry kilns.
Inclusive computer control system B 7300 HEB

In conventional dryers, the dehumidification is directly influenced within acceptable limits by a suitable choice of temperature, humidity and air speed; A direct influence of the lumber core (in contrast to vacuum drying) is not possible.

In a vacuum kiln your valuable lumber will dry quickly in overheated, dry steam:
In the HIGH VAC® boiling point of the water is decreased from 100 ° C to about 40 to 60 ° C, very gentle but still much faster than in a conventional kiln!

The Kiln Prime Zone allows drying of different lumber thicknesses and initial moisture content on each track of the Continues Kiln HCK - also suitable for 2 lumber thicknesses drying on one track! This results in a maximum degree of flexibility in the loading of the continues kiln.