Kiln Prime Zone (KPZ)

The Kiln Prime Zone allows drying of different lumber thicknesses and initial moisture content on each track of the Continues Kiln HCK - also suitable for 2 lumber thicknesses drying on one track! This results in a maximum degree of flexibility in the loading of the continues kiln.

The patented Kiln Prime Zone (KPZ) has vertical longitudinal partition walls and multi-row fans in certain drying zones in the HCK, making a large number of individual drying kilns from one zone. This will produce completely different drying conditions without mixing of circulating air, climate and temperature in these sections. Optional installation of additional electric heaters, will allow a considerably aggressive climate in the KPZ, which is not critical for the almost dry lumber.

Therefore, our Continues Kiln HCK is perfectly suited for small and medium-sized sawmills whose production is often confronted by frequent dimensional changes.

Layout example for Kiln Prime Zone in continues kiln (HCK) with 5 tracks

Hildebrand-Brunner image006 Kiln Prime Zone EN

Drawing section of Kiln Prime Zone continues Kiln HCK with 5 tracks

Hildebrand-Brunner image008 Kiln Prime Zone EN

The Kiln Prime Zone is characterized by the following features:

  • Separation of the lumber packs in the longitudinal channel thru continuous vertical walls
  • Multi-row arrangement of the fans
  • Heat coils of each individual zone can be controlled separately
  • Additional electric heaters optional for fast-drying species
  • KPZ pretends to be  X  individual  dry Kilns

The additional electric heating coils in the KPZ can be switched on if required. This mostly happens when additional heating energy is required for last step before starting conditioning to reach the drying goal (sample: residual moisture in the packages, change of the lumber thicknesses, etc.). By using the electric heating coils, the drying temperature in the corresponding zone can be raised to up to 95 ° C. (uncritically for the drying since below fiber saturation point). Electric heating coils can also be retrofitted in other zones (option).

Condition Prime Zone (KoPZ)

For the setting of individual climate conditions and final moisture contents during the process, the conditioning zone is divided into several separate zones, analogous to the Kiln Prime Zone.
This allows to have a moisture content in different packs e.g. of 10% final moisture and to 18% on the neighboring packs. The partial zones are separated by prismatic vertical partitions in the longitudinal direction of the channel. This allows a maximum degree of flexibility and accuracy.