The perfect and economical alternative - for self installation (for the time beeing only for trolley loading).
Kilns in modular standard types from the market leader in high capacity aluminum dry kilns.
Inclusive computer control system B 7300 HEB

  • easy to install, no experts required
  • either civil structure (or bricks) by the customer (Type Se = self)
  • or HILDEBRAND Alu-HIGH TECH – wall system, quality (Typ Al)
  • steam tight wall system
  • best results and safety for valuable timbers
  • cheap transport costs – optimised for standard containers
  • for the time beeing only for trolley loading
  • fully aluminum trolleys with stainless steel weels as an option

Three different lengths (L) are beeing proposed:
6,5m, 10,5m und 12,0m

The assembly with Powermodules (fan Unit, heating coil, spraying) is again splited into three power levels:

nL = normal Level (hard wood or soft wood from 80 mm)
mL= maximum Level (soft wood up to 80 mm and for example Beech at 27 mm)
= like mL, but with additional intermediate Heating booster-coils
-> more evenly + faster (from type HEB2 on)

Moreover you can choose between the versions with „Drive through“ (D) or without (noD) „Drive through“.

HEB – fully aluminum dry kilns (option  Al ) at affordable prices. Unique Know How and more than 40 years of experience for the benefit of your company.

  • Less maintenance, thus cost savings for 10, 20, 30 years
  • No coating necessary as is required for most block kilns
  • Inner kiln walls out of high quality aluminum – maintenance free, long lasting and beautiful
  • HILDEBRAND internal components. The same internal components as for HILDEBRAND'S high-capacity dry kilns. Fans, high performance electric motors, heating coils, armatures...