steaming chambers

Here you will find everything about steam chambers.

Hildebrand-Brunner bsp-grafik-1 Steaming chambers  Especially suitable for:

  • stress free drying / steaming
  • Steaming of board products and block products
  • With or without stickers
  • Short steaming times for beech / walnut-tree and other species of wood
  • Steaming of tropical lumber
  • Built with aluminum and/or stainless steel
  • Welded
  • With base pan built with stainless steel sheets, welded as an additional option

Possible Variations:
Combined Dry-/ Steaming kiln
Built as a combined steaming and dry kiln with protection for the fan motors through external air ventilation.

Indirect steaming
Steam production in the kiln. With stainless steel tub and high-grade steel heating coils (dipped).

Our steaming chambers are available with different door variations.
More information see column door designs .
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