We supply our kilns with several possible door designs. To meet the requirements of our customers, we offer following different possibilities:

Lifting-sliding door

Manual or power operated, suitable for multi kiln installations. Excellent sealing is achieved by using the weight of the door.

Hoist lifted doors

Used for large kiln opening up to width of 46’ (14 m). Operated either manually or by power winch. Includes a safety drop device. This door design is also suitable for progressive dry kilns.

Swinging door

One or two panel, simple and economical, up to 19’ (6 m) door width.

Folding door

Three to six sections. Inexpensive solution for large kiln widths.
Equally suitably for front and side loaded kilns. Manually operated.

Lifting-folding door

Excellent for installations where space is critical. Door operates with the help of a counter weight and is counter balanced in all positions.

Sliding door

Space saved in open position. Easy to move and operate manually.

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