Software prepared for various different applications - not only for lumber drying.

  • also for special applications
  • based on customers wishes, fast, safe, competent and at a reasonable price
  • by experienced software specialists
  • for all drying processes
  • test us

Software packages

Our software platform is Windows XP professional. With our new Windows XP based software the possibilities to customise the control system are endless. Also in regards to other drying fields our software operated under WinXP is state of the art.

Some main features of our WinXP based software:

  • Affordable upgrades from old systems to WinXP including new hardware components
  • Modern, user friendly software dialogues
  • Individual software changes to the very special needs of every customer
  • Networking monitoring and remote controlling with modem
  • Easy to install on customer own PC systems
  • available in many languages

Available Software:

Time / Climate Software: For controlling with a time based schedule in correspondence with temperature and climate measurements. Without moisture probes!

Heat treatment: For conventional and vacuum kilns with up to 6 timber temperature probes. Inclusive temperature and climate measurements for the other applications like concrete drying, drying of insulation materials and many others.

Steaming: For an excellent timber colour. With or without timber temperature measurement (conventional kiln).

Light Steaming in the vacuum: With measurement of the inner timber temperature for a light/bright coloration in the HIGH VAC® vacuum kiln.

Variable Speed Drive (VSD): For energy savings and a tender timber drying (was introduced at first from HILDEBRAND to the kiln drying!)

Further special software for our customers are possible. Just ask us.

For further information about our software and the latest technical developments or prices please ask our Service.