Electronic based customized measuring methods - according to customer requirements and or special needs!

  • by wire
  • wireless (radio)
  • Weight regulation
  • Lumber moisture / drying gradient
  • equilibrium moisture (EMC) / drying gradient (Dg)
  • relative humidity / psychometric Difference (Depression)
  • Temperature
  • Air speed
  • Pressure
  • Heat quantity


Hildebrand-Brunner transmission-tower Measurement  Wireless measurement

Lumber moisture content and EMC

Our wireless measuring system will replace the tangled cables in the kiln. Used as well in open air drying and in predryers.

In connection with our computer controls an alternative to the proven measurement that makes sence!

Hildebrand-Brunner messtechnik Measurement

Weight measurement
weight based system

Our weight measuring system for the lumber moisture detection combined with our computer controls is a sensible addition to the proven and tested wire-bound measurement method!

With the mechanical / electrical weighing scales, the lumber weight is measured and transferred to a modern, high-resolution electronic weighing system. A continuous regulation of the moisture of a representative lumber sample for the whole kiln cycle. The  electronic weighing system Is self calibrating and eliminates the need for intermediate checks. Weight measurement from beginning till the end. Only available with our proven Computersytem B9400 WB.

Ideal for:

  • for the laboratory operation in schools and universities
  • for the wood-processing industry where drying quality / speed and drying safety are required

Weight System:

  • Stainless steel scales units for safe placement in the lumber load
  • Optimum ventilation for the lumber sample by our cylindrical layer system – for a representative drying
  • Per kiln chamber up to 6 stainless steel scales can be installed
  • The most precise weight measurement by high-resolution load cells with 1 g accuracy
  • Easy retrofitting of existing kilns
  • Electronic read out with easy to read 7-segment display connected to our proven computer systems B9400 COMP
  • Computer interface for the connection with existing computer systems