Electrical Power Management

Power savings on the highest level!

Rising energy costs demand to the change in phylosophy!

Our electronic fan speed control B8400 in connection with software especially developed for the lumber drying and hardware results in an economic, qualitatively high lumber drying, coordinated for various applications - as for example:

  • lumber species
  • lumber thickness
  • moisture contents
  • kiln climate
  • power rates
  • reduction of power spikes
  • electric energy savings from up to 50%
  • an investment that pays for itself!

Advantages of the speed regulation

  • energy costs savings
  • less environmental impact
  • noise reduction
  • avoids overloading of local net
  • wear reduction
  • less maintenance
  • star delta connections are cancelled
  • reactive power compensation is cancelled
  • wiring more favourably
  • standard three phase ac motor is suitable
  • easy integration in automation systems